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As a non-profit our low prices keep veterinary services affordable and accessible


Regular Pricing
Qualified Income Pricing
Cat Neuter
Cat Spay
Dog Neuter (<40 lbs)
Dog Neuter ( over 40 lbs)
Dog Spay (<40 lbs)
Dog Spay (over 40 lbs)

*Qualified Income - Household income under $40k

Must provide proof of household income less than $40,000 per year. For additional resources and helpful links on how to get financial assistance please visit our Discounts & Specials section here. Please note you must have an appointment booked at our clinics prior to requesting financial assistance.


  • All surgery prices include pain medication and e-collar for dogs; injectable, long-acting pain medication given at time of surgery for cats

  • No extra charges for in heat or pregnant pets.

  • $100.00 fee for dogs over 100 pounds

  • Extra charge for inguinal cryptorchid $88 or abdominal cryptorchids $144 (as of January 1, 2024)

  • All cats MUST come in a separate carrier. Even if you have a great, manageable cat, she/he must be in a secure carrier. One cat per carrier.

Vaccines & Services

Bordetella Vaccine
Leptospirosis Vaccine
Canine Rabies
Feline Rabies
Feline Combo Vaccine
Canine Combo Vaccine
Vaccine Clinic Service Fee
$10.00 per pet**

*The cost for microchips is reduced to $26.00 when your pet is also being spayed/neutered.

**CAMP charges a $10 service fee for each cat or dog receiving services at our walk-in and mobile vaccination clinics. This fee helps cover examination, administrative and operational costs.

  • Stationary Vaccination Clinic: Advisory for Bringing Multiple Pets: While we welcome walk-ins for pet vaccinations, we kindly request that individual clients who bring more than 10 pets at one time for vaccinations understand that all your pets may not be seen immediately or on the same day. Please consider scheduling an appointment by calling (310)574-5555 if you have more than 10 pets in need of services at one time. Another option is to visit our Mobile Vaccine Clinics which have no limitation on the number of pets per client.

  •  All cats MUST come in a separate carrier. Even if you have a great, manageable cat, she/he must be in a secure carrier. One cat per carrier.

Office Visit

General Wellness Office Visit *

 *Total cost for treatment provided upon exam


Listed prices effective  as of January 1, 2024

Explore additional specials & discounts

CAMP's Online Pharmacy

Shop from the comfort of home, set up recurring shipments of your pet’s food and meds, and get free shipping on most items. Sit back and relax — Vetsource has got you covered! Click the following images below associated with your clinic location  to start shopping!

**Note: Yearly exam with the wellness clinic required for prescription medications**

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