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CAMP mobile team in front of mobile clinic van

Mobile Vaccine Clinic

Mobile clinics are for pet vaccines and basic wellness services only (deworming, flea treatments, nail trims).

No appointments needed!
Spay/neuter services are not available at our mobile clinics. 


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We would like to serve our customers as efficiently as possible. To help expedite services please:


  • Join the line and await paperwork

  • Please have all past vaccine records ready to present with most current on top

  • Have your payment ready (we accept cash & card)

  • Please completely fill out your intake form

  • Please write as clearly as possible


We hope to see you at our next mobile clinic!


Rabies:  $13

Da2pp | Bordetella (Dogs):  $17

Fvrcp | (Cats):  $17

Microchips:  $30

Round Worm Treatment:  $17

Tape Worm Treatment:  $27*

Flea/Tick Treatment:  $26 - $67

Nail Trim:  $23

Leptospirosis:  $30

Canine Influenza:  $30

*pets over 70 lbs  +$11

**$10 Vaccine clinic service fee per pet. This fee helps cover examination, administrative and operational costs.

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