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SNPLA Opening Affordable Veterinary Clinic In San Pedro

Jan 10, 2022

PetSmart Charities generously provided $300,000 in grant funding through their “Improving Access to Care” initiative for SNPLA’s Community Animal Medicine Program (CAMP).


Los Angeles (January 10, 2022) – The greatest concentration of pets killed in animal shelters coincides with the lowest income communities in the Los Angeles area. In these communities, the predominant reason families relinquish their pets to a shelter is a lack of access to affordable veterinary services. In an ongoing effort to reduce animal shelter euthanasia and raise awareness within the Los Angeles community about this issue, SNPLA (Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles), with financial support from PetSmart Charities, will open an affordable veterinary clinic in San Pedro, CA providing affordable veterinary services to over 7,500 animals per year.

PetSmart Charities generously provided $300,000 in grant funding through their “Improving Access to Care” initiative for SNPLA’s Community Animal Medicine Program (CAMP). Housed in the new Pedro Pet Pals’ Hyla Marrow Center, this life-saving program for pets in need will open in Summer 2022.

“For the past fourteen years, SNPLA has successfully cared for over 250,000 animals since first opening in 2007. This is a testament to the dedication of our staff and the continued advocacy for accessible veterinary services by partners like PetSmart Charities,” commented SNPLA Medical Director Dr. Elaine Lukic, DVM. “We want every pet owner in Los Angeles who owns a dog or cat in need of medical care to have access to affordable, safe and effective treatment.”

“PetSmart Charities shares SNPLA’s goal to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets in Los Angeles animal shelters and is committed to providing better outcomes for the animals of Los Angeles,” said Jenny Aho, Regional Relationship Manager PetSmart Charities. “PetSmart Charities is proud to contribute to this program that will provide critical, life-saving, affordable veterinary services to the Los Angeles community.”

All information on this new grant was made available in both English and Spanish to ensure the message was received throughout the community. To make a veterinary appointment for your dog or cat at SNPLA, please call (310) 574-5555. To learn more about SNPLA’s mission to provide affordable veterinary services to all L.A. pets or to find out how to donate or become a volunteer in a clinic, you can visit SNPLA on the web at

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As the largest nonprofit veterinary animal welfare organization in Los Angeles, California, the vision of SNPLA is to ensure that veterinary wellness services are affordable and accessible to all pet owners in the Los Angeles area. SNPLA provides affordable veterinary care to over 30,000 pets every year - providing nearly 53,000 vaccines, inserting over 8,500 microchips, and through our Kitten Lifesaving Program has saved close to 6,000 orphaned kittens since 2016. Over the past fourteen years, SNPLA has achieved the incredible milestone of 250,000 spayed and neutered cats and dogs — and has helped to cut in half the number of pets euthanized in Los Angeles city shelters. For more information, please visit

Pedro Pet Pals’ Hyla Marrow Center

Pedro Pet Pals in a Los Angeles South Bay non-profit organization dedicated to saving homeless animals. The Hyla Marrow Center features “Hyla’s Heart to Home Cat Lounge,” a friendly home-like environment to visit homeless cats and kittens for possible adoption. For more information, please visit

Media contact for SNPLA:

Zoey Knittel, Executive Director

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