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CAMP is about Community

We have big news to share -- SNPLA is getting a new brand identity to better represent our mission and all of the critically needed services we provide to our community. SNPLA is becoming CAMP: Community Animal Medicine Project! CAMP encompasses our vision to provide access to care and the broad range of veterinary services needed by today’s pet owners. Spay and neuter will always remain at the core of our foundation and we are well on our way to fixing the next quarter million cats and dogs in Los Angeles.

CAMP logo

Our mission remains the same–to substantially reduce animal shelter euthanasia and intake by providing high quality, low-cost veterinary services to underserved communities in Los Angeles. Nationwide, an estimated 50 million dogs and cats go without any kind of veterinary care. Over the years, we have continued to expand our services to meet this demand for accessible care throughout our community.


When our organization was founded in 2007, we started with one clinic providing high quality, high volume spay and neuter. Now, 15 years later, we operate three stand alone community animal medicine clinics in three locations across greater Los Angeles, plus our mobile clinic which brings wellness services directly to communities in need. We treat over 32,000 cats and dogs a year, we have fixed nearly 275,000 pets and we have saved over 6,000 kittens through our Kitten Lifesaving Project. We are also expanding our reach, opening a new stationary CAMP clinic and launching a new super mobile clinic with enhanced surgical capabilities in 2023. Our goals remain the same as always with a vision to ensure that people and their pets never fall between the cracks and suffer needlessly due to lack of access to veterinary care. 


We are thrilled to welcome you along for this exciting next chapter. We all share the understanding that pets make our lives better and it’s up to us to provide the best we can for our furry family members. CAMP is about community – providing access to affordable veterinary services in underserved areas and helping to keep pets and their people together, where they belong. 


Thank you for being an integral member of our community! 

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