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Lifesaving Project

Saving Kittens

Neonatal kittens are the single most at-risk group of animals who enter shelters nationwide. These delicate babies require intensive, round-the-clock attention and specialized care to survive to an adoptable age, making them likely candidates for euthanasia in shelters. In 2016, with generous funding from Best Friends Animal Society, SNPLA launched our life-saving neonatal Kitten Nursery. Since then, we have rescued over 6,000 kittens, with approximately 800 kittens rescued in 2022.

Photo of newborn kitten being fed bottle

Sign Up to Foster Kittens

Welcome to the SNPLA Foster Program! We are so grateful that you want to help save lives by fostering. In order to be considered as a foster you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Be able and willing to spend time every day to provide love, comfort, socialization, medical treatment if needed and proper care of your foster pet. All medical will be paid for by SNPLA under our direction and supervision.

  • Follow our direction as to how to introduce your foster pet to your home.

  • Keep us updated about your foster pet’s progress and email us photos we can use to help us find an adopter.

  • Bring your foster pet to our adoption events when possible and network him/her to your friends and family.

  • Alert us immediately if your foster pet has symptoms of being sick and follow our direction regarding medical care.

  • Provide food and litter after initial start-up kit. If you email us the receipts we will provide you with a tax receipt.

  • Be willing to have an SNPLA volunteer visit your home.

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